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December 07 2012


Coach Jio Lucci

Jivanni Lucci

In 1920, the American Professional Football Association was formed as a coalition of teams from regional state associations such as the Ohio League and the New York Pro Football League. The first game was played in Dayton, Ohio on October 3, 1920 with the host Triangles defeating the Columbus Panhandles 14–0. The league changed its name to the National Football League (NFL) two years later; from its inception, the NFL had been the de facto major league of football. Initially a sport of Midwestern industrial towns in the United States, professional football eventually became a national phenomenon. Football's increasing popularity is usually traced to the 1958 NFL Championship Game, a contest that has been dubbed the "Greatest Game Ever Played".

Jio Lucci Football Coach:The presence or absence of a star quarterback usually greatly affects the team. For example, by ensuring that the team would be able to select Robert Griffin III of Baylor University in the 2012 draft, the Washington Redskins likely became more attractive for free agents who wished to play with the Heisman Trophy winner.By contrast, the Indianapolis Colts—among the most successful franchises in any sport during the 2000s with quarterback Peyton Manning—had a 2-14 record in 2011 because of injuries that prevented Manning from playing. A non-star quarterback on a winning team may be called a "game manager" if he avoids making mistakes that prevent his team's defense and rushing offenses from succeeding.

Jio Lucci Quarterback Coach

While quarterbacks are mainly not a factor in terms of receiving forward passes, some trick plays, like the flea flicker, require quarterbacks to catch a lateral by a wide receiver or running back before delivering a forward pass. In the wildcat formation, a quarterback lines up as a flank receiver who can be used to catch a forward pass. Typically the quarterback is not thrown to in this formation, but serves as a decoy, as even the least mobile quarterbacks are capable of catching a ball for positive yardage. Occasionally, some backup quarterbacks may be used to receive long snaps as a holder for field goal or extra point attempts, as quarterbacks generally have good ball handling skills, and may have to become the passer in the event of a bad snap, an aborted kick attempt or a designed trick play.

Jio Lucci:

Jio Lucci
Some teams employ a strategy which involves the use of more than one quarterback during the course of a game. This is more common at lower levels of football, such as high school or small college, but rare in major college or professional football.

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